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ARMY OF ONE (Tsevah Shel Echad, TSE) is a specialized Israeli combat system - tactical hand-to-hand combat, empty-hand and with weapons of all kinds.

TSE is not a regular kind of self defense. TSEVAH SHEL ECHAD is a tactical pro-active fighting system for special military, law enforcement, and special security servives; it is designed to neutralize enemy combatants. TSE is also a concept for extreme survival - it gives warriors the neccessary tools to survive behind enemy lines, undercover, deep cover and under extreme circumstance when outside support is not possible.

TSE is still a classified security secret and will not be taught to the public, nor will we show the techniques used openly. If you are a registered member of a security agency or a registered company with our organisation please access the member area via the following link:

you can request further information or ask questions here. Or contact us on FACEBOOK.

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--- BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD Training Program - MALAK KALI cooperation ---

The TSE-Team is cooperating with the Brillstein Security Group and MALAK KALI in offering CIVILIAN TACTCAL TRAINING training seminars to civilians and security professionals - the name of this concept is "BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD" and it teaches tactics for personal protection and defense on basis of modern close protection principals - these seminars are adapted to civilian use, for crime prevention, self-protection, and tactical hand-to-hand in civilian context. If you are interested in ultimate private security, and self-defense using this MALAK KALI concept, please click the following links:

ENGLISH INFO - Be Your Own Bodyguard training

DEUTSCHE INFOS - Be Your Own Bodyguard training

MALAK KALI Facebook page

you can request further information or ask questions here.

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